Spinal problems need immediate attention

Degenerative Disc Disease

Experts across the world use many terms to describe the spinal disc pathology and back pain associated with it, some of most common terms used are herniated discs, bulging disc, and pinched nerves. These terms are likely explain different symptoms, and at times the terms uses by experts are interchangeably because they do not agree on defining these terms precisely. And at times it leads the frustration of patients when they come across that their diagnosis referred to in so many terms. There are several terms like slipped disc, ruptured disc, bulging disc, degenerative disc disease and many others that are for identify the problems of a spinal disc.

Spinal disc Problem-Understanding symptoms are imperative.

So the patient’s focus should not be on the term used to describe the spinal disc problems, rather it is more important for them to gain a clear understanding and know the actual symptoms. The experts who can have an understanding of symptoms and causes of back pain. And if we talk about herniated disc symptoms, it includes numbness, burning, tingling, dull ache to severe pain, muscle weakness and loss of bladder control or bowel.

Sitting posture also matters.

Sitting posture has always been one of the concerns of those who are having degenerative disc disease. If you are sitting for long duration, then it will be very painful for you. The reason behind is simple and well known, long hours of sitting create extra pressure in the back. And the malady makes the people love to stand through the day, but they are hardly aware about the fact that long hours of standing may worsen the condition. They can shuffle between standing and sitting, but the question arises how long one can go with such idea of shuffling. All it matters is the good posture that can help you to cure the malady to a large extent.

Duration counts.

So standing alone is not going to resolve the problem. And is important to understand the importance of good posture. But if you are standing at a particular place for a long duration in a correct posture, it will also lead to cause pain. What is more important is to create a blend of sitting and standing and that too in a correct posture. Time and again we are talking about the duration and right posture, so how long a posture needs to be maintained is the question arises here. It’s good to have a posture not more than for 20-30 minutes, which means you have to get up and move after this duration

Spinal Disc Physiotherapy

Different people experience pain differently if they are suffering from spinal problems like degenerative disc disease, slipped disc, bulging disc, and others. In most cases the physiotherapist suggests such people go for strengthening exercises, flexibility stretches targeting core and back muscles. A physiotherapist can also advise you the practical ways to mitigate the pain. Physiotherapy has its benefits when it comes to spinal problems, they focus on mitigating the pain, increasing functioning and educate the patients in a way to prevent the further recurrence of pain.