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Physiotherapy Month

World Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy Day 2022

World Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy Day 2023

Each year, the world observes World Physical Therapy Day on September 8th. The day provides a platform for physiotherapists from...

World Physiotherapy Day

Why do we commemorate World Physiotherapy Day?

The pursuit of fitness, a fit body, and mind is what you can pursue and can never possess. It's never...

World Physical Therapy Day

When is World Physical Therapy Day Observed?

Due to a rampant rise in neurological and orthopaedic patients, physiotherapy is a boon to many. Physiotherapists are toiling world-wide...


National Physiotherapy Month / Canada Physiotherapy Month – May 2023

Every year in May, National Physiotherapy Month is observed. May, as the first month of summer, is always a good...