Shoulder Pain Treatment

shoulder painIt has been a joy and an ache both to look at big shoulders and responsibilities gravitates to those who can shoulder them. But at times big shoulders also have pain for one or many reasons. And it is one of the worst kind of pain that hurts a lot, and can change you. But don’t let the Shoulder Pain Treatment define you.

Be yourself and keep your big and strong shoulders intact from any malady, just by knowing the meaning of shoulder problems, its symptoms, causes and how physiotherapy can help you to keep your shoulders strong.

Understanding and Treat shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain may start from the shoulder joint, ligaments, tendons or many muscles surrounding the shoulders. The pain that comes from the shoulder joints worsens with movement or activities of shoulder or arm.

Various conditions and diseases affecting the body structure like chest or abdomen, such as heart diseases, gallbladder disorders may also lead to shoulder pain. Shoulder pain that arises from other structures of the body is known as referred pain. Referred pain doesn’t worsen with the shoulder movement.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Brampton – Symptoms and Signs

Without a proper diagnosis of a shoulder problem, it is not possible to provide better treatment. Some common shoulder problems symptoms are mentioned below.

►Outside of Shoulder pain that extends down the arm.

►Front of Shoulder pain related to the biceps tendon.

►Top of Shoulder pain is the most common cause and is due to the abnormal AC joint

►Constant and Night pain.

►Popping Out/Instabilitycommonly found in those who have dislocated shoulders.

►Clicking and Snapping due to problems with the labrum or biceps tendon.

Shoulder Problems – Causes

Most of the shoulder problems are due to the breakdown of soft tissues around the shoulder region. Too much use of shoulder can cause breakdown of the tissues and it is faster among the people who are getting older. Playing sports and doing manual labor can also cause shoulder problems. And there are many other shoulder problems causes like Cervical radiculopathy, Impingement, Tendon rupture and Torn cartilage.

Broken arm, Broken collarbone, and Brachial plexus injury also cause shoulder pain and results from injuries and accident. A physiotherapist diagnosis the cause of shoulder pain through the patient’s medical history, physical examination and by using other methods and techniques.

Physiotherapy and shoulder problems

If you have a shoulder pain for any reason, it is advisable to visit a physiotherapist for treatment like we are in Malton, Mississauga or in Brampton to get it evaluated and treated. Physiotherapist starts treatment program with an initial evaluation of the shoulder pain. The therapist may use a goniometer to take a measurement of strength and shoulder range of motion, and they also monitor the quality of shoulder motion.

Initially, therapists recommend a short period of rest for shoulder pain. And after a few days, they start treatment with shoulder exercises such as Passive range of movement (ROM), Active shoulder movement, Using shoulder pulleys to improve motion, Shoulder scapular stabilization and Rotator cuff strengthening.

It’s always better to suffer the little pain that physiotherapy exercise treatment involves then to regret the pain of not visiting a physiotherapist. Our therapist from Malton, Mississauga, or Brampton will allow you to stand taller with your strong shoulders.