Knee Pain Treatment

knee replacementNo matters who we are, all human beings are prone to pain. Pain and injuries are part of life, but sometimes we can avoid them by just practicing some great techniques under the supervision of experts.

Let’s try to find out what is knee pain, its symptoms and causes, how we can overcome knee pain and role of physiotherapy and other techniques to mitigate the pain and cure the malady.

Knee Pain –  What is it?

Knee pain is one of the common problems that originates in any body structures comprising Kneecap (Patella), knee joint (fibula, tibia, femur), cartilage (meniscus) and knee ligaments.

The knee joint is vulnerable to pain and damage as it carries the full weight of your body. Knee pain is common among older, overweight and sports person. And also among those who have suffered knee injuries in an accident. So before undergoing any treatment, it is important to know the cause and the reason for the pain.

Symptoms of Knee pain

There are several symptoms of knee pain, below are some that need immediate attention and evaluation.

  • Pain that does not mitigate with rest.
  • Intolerable pain.
  • Pain that keeps you sluggish.
  • Large and puncture wounds.
  • Swelling and drainage.

Common causes of knee pain

why knee pain

Simple strain or sprain means that knee tissues are stretched but not entirely damage, and it occurs when you perform more activity than you are used to doing. It can be cured through rest, ice, compression, protection and physiotherapy.

Anterior knee pain is the pain that is felt at the front of knee and around the kneecap. It’s difficult to find the reason for this pain but is linked to previous injuries, overuse of knees, muscle weakness and kneecap being out of place.

Osteoarthritis is one of the reasons for recurrent pain and stiffness in both knees among the aged people. It causes damage to the protective surface of knee bone and swelling of tissues in and around the joints. It affects younger people who are overweight. One can mitigate the pain and overcome the ailment with the help of physiotherapy techniques.

Tendonitis is due to injuring or overusing the tendon that connects the kneecap to the skin bone and can cause inflammation of tendon. The condition is also referred to as jumper’s knee due to jump activities and commonly found in sports person. The pain can be relieved by rest, ice packs, and physiotherapy.

Bursitis caused due to kneeling for an extended period or repetitive knee movement that build up fluid over the knee joint. It mainly affects the people with jobs involving kneeling and sports person.

knee physiotherapyPhysiotherapy treatment – A healthy solution to chronic knee pain

Physiotherapy and exercise go hand in hand to relieve chronic knee pain. By stretching and strengthening key muscles, you can prolong the health of knees. Physiotherapy treatment techniques help in strengthening the muscles of butt, stretches the muscles that support knees, Strengthens the core that contributes to keeping back in a neutral spine position and place and allows to maintain a healthy weight. The material wealth can not substitute physical well being it can be achieved through physiotherapy treatment given by our treatment center situated at Brampton, Malton, Mississauga in Canada.

Our Physiotherapy treatment in Mississauga, Malton & Brampton Clinics gives you hope in despair; you can reach maximum performance by using its techniques.