At New Hope Physiotherapy, we aim to provide community health care through
comprehensive range of services at our rehabilitation centres. Our expert physiotherapist and medical team provide professional
assistance with clear and concise knowledge, compassion and dedication.

What We Treat

Physiotherapy in Brampton


Physical body structure is one of the most common issues surrounding our bodily function, which hampers many…

manual therapy in Brampton

Manual Therapy

The manual therapy is traditional form of therapy. In this therapy still holds key in providing complete and requisite..

acupuncture tharapy in Brampton


The structure in our body are caused by improper balance of the forces and disturbance in energy flows, resulting in pain…

chiropractic tharapy in Brampton

Chiropractic Treatment

New hope Physiotherapy & Rehab Center specializes in providing professional chiropractic care and supportive…

massage tharapy in Brampton

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy refers to the rubbing, pressing and influencing muscles, skin, ligaments and tendons to enhance various…

orthotics tharapy in Brampton


Sometimes, people develop minor deformities or kind of limb disorders in their body, like a bowed leg, dissimilar size of both legs…

arthritis tharapy in Brampton


Arthritis means rheumatic and lupus conditions, characterized by aching, pain, swelling and stiffness that affect one or more joints…

back pain tharapy in Brampton

Back Pain

Back pain is the most common form of physical stress and inability that affects almost 3/4th of people in Canada whether they…

chronic pain tharapy in Brampton

Chronic pain

The pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks is characterized as chronic pain. It is a bit different from acute pain…

sports physiotherapy tharapy in Brampton

Sports Physiotherapy

An injury in sports is a common occurrence, and it hampers physical condition of a professional as well a novice sportsperson…

knee pain tharapy in Brampton

Knee Pain Treatment

No matters who we are, all human beings are prone to pain. Pain and injuries are part of life, but sometimes we can avoid them by just…

shoulder pain tharapy in Brampton

Shoulder Pain

It has been a joy and an ache both to look at big shoulders and responsibilities gravitates to those who can shoulder them…

neck pain tharapy in Brampton

Neck Pain Treatment

It’s hard to bear the neck pain, but anesthetizing it for a while will make it worse when you finally start feeling the pain…

joint pain tharapy in Brampton

Joint Pain Treatment

Time does not cure anything, rather it teaches us how to bear and live with the pain. Remember when a door closes it gives us…


East Brampton

Rutherford Road & Queen Street
263 – Unit#20 Queen Street East
Brampton, ON. L6W 4K6
Phone: 416-360-7500
Fax: 905.846.2100


Kennedy Road & Sandalwood Road
170 – Unit#1 Sandalwood prky East
Brampton, ON. L6Z 1Y5
Phone: 905-846-4000
Fax: 905.846.2100


2960 Drew Rd. Unit#139
Mississauga, ON L4T 0A5
Phone: 905-364-3900

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