Rehabilitation Centres

Rehabilitation is a process designed to facilitate the restoring from injuries, physical illness and different kinds of physiological diseases.

We serve at below rehabilitation centres

East Brampton Rehabilitation Centres

263 Queen Street & kennedy
East Brampton, ON. L6W 4K6
Phone: 416-360-7500
Fax: 905.846.2100

Brampton Rehabilitation Centres

170 Sandalwood & Kennedy
Brampton, ON. L6Z 1Y5
Phone: 905-846-4000
Fax: 905.846.2100

Mississauga Rehabilitation Centres

2960 Drew Rd. Unit#139
Mississauga, ON L4T 0A5
Phone: 905-364-3900

A managed rehabilitation program can recover many disabling conditions. Rehabilitation process restores skills which cannot be addressed by the medical care. The main divisions of rehabilitation are physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Our rehabilitation program is customized to the patient’s needs and types of therapy, and includes team of physical, occupational, speech, or other therapists. Orthotics (a device used to realign, support the function of the muscular-skeletal system).

Expertise of Our Rehabilitation Centres in Brampton & Malton, Canada

Physical therapy

Physical therapy in which the patient recovers the strength of muscles, bones and nervous system with use of massage, exercise and other techniques. We gives relief from pain and improves strength of patient to perform everyday tasks. Our Brampton & Malton physical therapy rehabilitation centres provide shoulder pain exercise equipment for physical therapy could include an exercise table or mat, a stationary bicycle, walking aids, a wheelchair, practice stairs, parallel bars, and pulleys and weights.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is type treatment helps patient restore to do normal daily tasks. We achieved this by regaining old methods or teaching patient with additional set of different methods which can adjust to disabilities.

Our Occupational therapy from Brampton & Malton rehabilitation centres may be prescribed to rehabilitate a patient after diseases like cardiac diseases, head injuries, stroke, and other illnesses. In this process, therapist will visit the patient’s living environment and make analysis towards daily activities. Suggestions on modifications at home, such as rearranging furniture or adding a wheelchair ramp and health aids to grooming could also be recommended.