Manual Therapy

Define Manual Therapy

manual therapy

The manual therapy is traditional form of therapy. In this therapy still holds key in providing complete and requisite relief to pains and restricted joints. The therapist does not use any kind of device or machine, and attempts the full therapy procedure through hands only. The therapist will pressurize the muscle tissues and will operate on joints to give the person relief from the pain. The pain decreases and a sense of flexibility prevail with relaxing of muscles.

At New Hope Physiotherapy

We have manual therapists in East Brampton, Brampton and in Mississauga hold high expertise and knowledge to provide friendly and fruitful manual therapy. With us, you will feel complete safe and confident. Our reliable therapies in Brampton and Mississauga is highly effective and is less costly too.

Great techniques with great skills

We at New Hope Physiotherapy aim to provide most skilled therapists across the Canada, who work with a singular goal to provide the best care for the fastest results. Manual therapy is the most singular kind of conservative management that has different skilled hands on techniques used on the patient’s body aspiring to assess, diagnose and treat different conditions and symptoms that a person is suffering. Therapists at New Hope Physiotherapy in Brampton and in Mississauga uses different techniques like soft tissue massage, Muscle Energy Techniques, mobilization, and manipulation.

Get relieved of all your pain


We have successfully treated the joints that lack the adequate range of motion and mobility using the techniques of manual therapy. Our therapists are experts in providing the therapy with such an acumen that it restores mobility to stiff joints and mitigate the muscle tension and allows the patients to regain their normal function and movement without experiencing pain. Further, our success stride is continued in the areas of spinal mobilization and manipulation for lower back pain, neck pain, carcinogenic headache, thoracic pain and for other conditions of the joints.

Make a visit to experience the change.

Our therapists have proven their skills, time and again, and their experience has allowed providing great benefits to the patients in a short span of time. Manual therapy is all about the application of techniques appropriately in the areas of pain, if the application of technique is appropriate, it will allow to increase the movement and reduce the pain significantly. All you need to do is to make a visit to experience the difference that New Hope Physiotherapy therapists can make in your life.