Shoulder pain – Evaluate, analyze, diagnose and treatment

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The shoulder is involved in all our activities, from throwing the perfect pitch to scratching back. And you have to pay for your mobility. So if you have a pain in your shoulder, it can affect your life significantly. You may feel shoulder pain all the time or only when you are moving your shoulder, and you may experience continued pain, or it may be temporary. Shoulder problem may cause impingement or instability of the bony structure or soft tissue resulting in shoulder pain. The best treatment of your problem can be suggested only after a diagnosis of cause of your problem. Based on assessment, shoulder pain relief exercise and shoulder pain rehabilitation exercises are suggested.

The diagnosis and analysis are important for several reasons; shoulder pain clinic conducts the activities to know the location, timing causes and to draw out a treatment plan for shoulder pain relief.

Location of shoulder pain could be like :

► Outside of shoulder: – The pain extends down the arm and is often a deep muscle pain. And the most common cause of pain is rotator cuff problem, including bursitis, rotator cuff tear, and tendonitis.
► Front of shoulder: – Pain in front of shoulder is commonly related to the biceps tendon. The biceps tendon is inside the shoulder, and the problem of biceps are SLAP tears, biceps tears, and biceps tendonitis.
► Top of the shoulder: – Abnormal AC joint is common site that leads to pain on top of shoulder. AC joint problem includes distal clavicle, AC arthritis, shoulder separations, and osteolysis.

Timing of shoulder pain:

► Constant pain: – Shoulder pain tends to be bothersome with or while performing activities. Tears and rotator cuff tendonitis are painful while performing activities like throwing or reaching. Frozen should also lead to constant shoulder pain, but it’s usually painful when reaches behind the head or back.
► Night Pain: – It is typical of rotator cuff problem. So far the reason for pain is not clear, but it’s not a common phenomenon in patients with rotator cuff tear or rotator cuff tendonitis, difficulty in falling asleep or it may keep you awakened from the sleep.

Causes of shoulder pain:

When rotator cuff tendons are trapped under the bony area in the shoulder, is the most common reason for the shoulder pain. The tendons become damaged or inflamed. The condition is also known as bursitis or rotator cuff tendinitis. Apart from this, there are several other reasons like arthritis, bone spurs, broken shoulder bone, dislocation and separation of shoulder, injury or overuse of shoulders.
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Clinic for Shoulder Pain Relief

A visit to shoulder pain clinic, to get it evaluated and treated is imperative to mitigate the shoulder pain. They use shoulder pain relief exercise for treatment of many common causes of shoulder pain. And shoulder pain rehabilitation exercises in these shoulder pain clinic are focuses on the two major aspects of shoulder motion, strength, and flexibility. But it is imperative, that whether you are undergoing relief or rehabilitation exercise, it should be performed under the supervision of an expert only.