Physiotherapy – For overall solution of back pain

At some point of time in our lives, most of us have one or other type of back pain; that results from behaviors that stress our body or body posture. And if you are battling any back pain or interested in taking steps to prevent back ache it becomes imperative for you to avoid the below-listed habits.
exercise►Not regular to exercise or not exercising at all: – If not performing any exercise, particularly the one which is strengthening the abdominal leads to poor body posture and the body exposed to lower back pain.neck position

► Bad body posture: – Poor or bad body posture always adds strain and stress to back muscles and spine. Further, it also changes the anatomical features of spine.
weight lift

► Not lifting correctly: – Back injuries are initiated in most of us due to not lifting the heavy objects correctly.


obesity► Overweight: – One of the most effective ways to prevent back pain keep your weight under control. Because if you are overweight, it will shift the entire center of gravity forward and increases strain on the back muscles.


► Smoking: – Nicotine is known to restrict the blood flow to the discs that performs the work of cushioning vertebrae and enhances the rate of degenerative changes.

► Lack of vitamin D and calcium: – Several vital nutrients play an essential role in strengthening the bones of human body. And if your body lacks vitamin D and calcium will also cause back pain sooner or later.
► Sedentary: – Trying to overcome back pain by limiting your activity, remember it will not ease your pain rather work as a counterproductive. Because of activeness, it increases the blood flow to the affected area and decrease inflammation and reduces muscle tension.

Goals of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a great way to overcome the problem of back muscles pain. The physiotherapy carried out with goals to ensure overall relief from back pain. Physiotherapy for back pain educates patients about the principles of strengthening and stretching that accelerate tissue healing and allows better management of back muscles pain. It restores the muscular flexibility, spine motion, and joint mobility. Further, it allows the patients back to normal activities.

back pain physiotherapy

Back pain therapy exercises

Most of the physiotherapy programs that are designed to cure back pain include a combination of exercises that allows easing the pain significantly and gradually.
► Proper Stretching: – Back pain therapy exercises start with stretching muscles along with mild exercise to keep the normal range of motion intact and provide relief to muscles in pain.
► Dynamic stabilization exercise programs: – It involves the great variety of exercises and may include the use of balancing machines, exercise balls or specific stabilizing exercises. The exercises are designed to strengthen the secondary muscles of spine and extend support up to spine through a different range of motion.
► Core strengthening exercise programs: -These are specific exercises designated to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles along with back muscles. It includes crunches, sit-ups abdominal machines and leg raises.

Many patients find it useful to be monitored by a physiotherapist to ensure overall recovery from back pain. Once the initial phase of therapy is completed, all those patients who continue to follow the exercise program suggested by therapists are often successful in managing their back pain.