Pain clinic is a great way to address the neck or back pain

Tarlov cysts are possibly one most uncommon cause of back pain. They are the fluid-filled sacs that usually affect the nerve roots that are at the lower end of  spine. It is do not show any symptoms and expert in back pain usually found them in (MRI) magnetic resonance imaging which is conducted for other reasons.

In some cases, Tarlov cysts expand, creating pressure on the affected nerve root. It could result in sharp burning pain down the back of thigh and hip, coupled with reduced sensation and weakness all along the affected foot and leg. Sometimes it enlarges enough to erode the surrounding bone, and this may also lead to back pain.

neck pain back painBack pain can affect your body as well as your life

Back pain treatment in our pain clinic mississauga differs and depends on the focal point location of back pain. Massage, neurostimulation, heat pads, can relax tension and relax the muscles, which can ease the pain. Other treatments in our pain clinic mississauga include acupuncture, light exercises, and muscle relaxers. In any case, you have to consult a physiotherapist or physician at the initial stage of the back pain, as has the capability to affect your whole body and life adversely.

Neck Pain can cause limit the motion

Further, back pain is not the only pain which has worsened the people life; rather neck pain is equally contributing to their sufferings. Any discomfort in the structure of neck leads to neck pain. This structure could be muscles, bones, nerves, and the disks located between the bones. The neck supports the weight of the human head and is subject to significant motion. The neck is not as protected as other spinal parts, which makes it vulnerable to injuries causing pain and can significantly limit the motion of neck.

There are several causes of neck pain like whiplash, arthritis, muscle strain, nerve compression and others. Neck pain clinic Mississauga suggest if neck pain is due to an injury, it is better to undergo medical treatment immediately. And if you don’t have an injury but have continued, severe neck pain that radiates down the legs or arm, or such pain is accompanied by numbness, headaches, weakness or tingling, it should also be consulted with an expert.


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Ease your neck or back pain with acupuncture pain clinic

Whether it back pain or neck pain, both can effectively be cured and addressed by acupuncture. Expert in back pain needles the acupuncture point to stimulate the nervous system which in turn releases the chemicals in the brain, spinal cord, and muscles, including encephalin, endorphins and other types of neurochemicals. These natural chemicals can change the pain that the patient experiences in the neck or back, or this chemical trigger the release of other hormones or chemicals that can influence the body’s internal regulating systems. It can bring about a normalizing effect on nerves and hormone (neuroendocrine) function. The biochemical balance and improved energy produced by acupuncture results in stimulating natural healing abilities of the body and in promoting physical as well as the emotional well-being of that person who is undergoing the treatment. Our mississauga clinic has many experts in back pain, Neck pain treatment.

Mostly people visiting to neck pain clinic Mississauga or expert in back pain have some common conditions. As acupuncture is usually considered as last option by patients to achieve pain-free living.