Back Pain

physiotherapy treatmentBack pain is the most common form of physical stress and inability that affects almost 3/4th of people in Canada whether they are from Brampton or from Mississauga . It can happen to anyone at any stage of life.

Back pain usually occurs at the lower back part of the body. This is a part which bears the body weight, especially during our sitting, working, physical activities, and lifting heavy weights. In New Hope Physiotherapy we analyze It is thus caused by pulling and pushing, weighty physical work, twisting and bending and static postures. The back pain affects ligaments around the discs and spine, abdomen, pinched nerve, pelvic internal organs, lumbar area skin, bony lumbar spine, lower back muscles, discs between the vertebrae and spinal cord & Nerves pain.

With New Hope Physiotherapy clinicBack Pain clinic in brampton, you will not have to think and worry about your pain related issues like knee pain, shoulder pain & neck pain in Brampton and Mississauga states. We provide complete and relief-oriented physiotherapy treatment for back pain for all-age people at our first-rate facility.

It becomes imperative to make a visit to the best physiotherapist when your back pain is persisting for a long and interferes with your normal daily activities. At New Hope Physiotherapy, we start the physiotherapy treatment of our patients with initial evaluation of their condition on their first visit. And this performed by our experts is not just the routine checkup, rather consists of several conditions and different parts.

The initial assessment is vital for proper treatment of back pain symptoms.
The evaluation process starts with walking through the history of your present problem. You will be asked for all your symptoms and the position or activities that contribute largely to make your symptoms better or worse. And to determine the nature of your back problem, the therapists ask some special questions to find out if there is anything that needs immediate attention. We are committed to providing the best treatment for all your conditions of back pain. And this is the reason that we not only work on your symptoms, but take the measurement of movement that includes the measurement of strength and range of motion.

Further, our initial treatment process involves the postural assessment also. And once the process is completed, a specific treatment plan is devised by our experts and treatment got initiated. We strive to keep our patients as active participants in their treatment, and that’s the reason, we try to resolve all their queries about their treatment.

It is a well-known fact that physiotherapy treatment helps significantly in managing the conditions like back pain, but only when therapy is received from an expert and skilled hands. Our therapists have years of experience in curing the back pain condition, and during all these years the mettle of their acumen has  proved on many occasions. The treatment is not only aimed for quick healing of pain, but our therapists go to the extent to ensure that you may not confront the same problem in future. Best of the treatment plans are used, that are proven effective in back pain. From manual therapy to acupuncture and appropriate exercise program, our therapist can help you in every possible way to ensure you will have a painless life.