Define Arthritis

Arthritis means rheumatic and lupus conditions, characterized by aching, pain, swelling and stiffness that affect one or more joints. These conditions can occur instantly or over course of time. Arthritis can also affect several internal organs of the body and the immune system.


Arthritic conditions are caused by infections, past disease, wear & tear, as well as uric acid crystals. It can happen at any age and affects the normal well-being of people, where they feel inactive.
New Hope Physiotherapy has distinctive and specialized therapy sessions, designed with exercises which provide care to the patient to gain mobility and strength. The therapists provide consultation and guide on proper posture, body mechanics, and use of walking aids.

The success of arthritis treatment lies largely on the treatment regimen, the more effective it is easy it is to manage the malady. At New Hope best Physiotherapy treatment options are used by the experts to cure your arthritis, the selection of an option depends on condition of patient and how successful the option was while treating similar conditions in the past. This is the reason, if a particular treatment plan does not heal the patient’s condition our experts go ahead and change the treatment plan without wasting any time.

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Understand the treatment plan for better execution.

At New Hope Physiotherapy the treatment of arthritis is undertaken with the goal to mitigate the symptoms and progression of the diseases, prevent or mitigate the joint deformities and damages, restore the joint functionality and preserve range of motion and mobility. Our rheumatologist can help you understand what all treatment options are available for your condition and make you aware of risks and benefits attached to each treatment plan. They can also provide you with the answer to all your queries like when you may notice an improvement in your condition. They ensure that you understand the treatment plan in an effective manner, as then only the treatment plan can executed in a better way.

Tracking and evaluating pain and activity level for better recovery.

From tracking the pain to evaluate the activity level, our experts maintain a complete diary of your progress and work continuously towards the improvement of your condition. If required your treatment plan would be adjusted accordingly, based on trend of your condition. And the same goes for your activity level, how active you are ever since the treatment initiated tracked to check the effect of treatment on your work, leisure activities and household activities.

So, For an effective treatment plan of arthritis, the diagnosis of the right condition is imperative, and this is the initial step of physiotherapists at New Hope Physiotherapy. The effective treatment of arthritis can provided only when its type is known; then only the disease can be brought under control, and its progressions can mitigated. Early treatment is the best way to get rid of arthritis, so don’t wait anymore we are there to help you in all conditions of arthritis.